Green Earth - Saffron Paddy

About WoM.A.N. ~ the Mother.Artists.Network.

We are a collective of creative Mothers and their children, based in and around Auckland, New Zealand.

Our vision is to support each other as artistic, creative beings, and also as mothers. Recognising that these two parts of our identity are intertwined and inseparable and add richness to each other. We all craved a place where we could feed our need to be creative while including our children in the process.  Where the children could witness their mothers doing something they are truly passionate about and feel included and part of the process themselves.

Our vision is to support each other as artistic, creative beings,
and also as mothers.

We launched the group in June 2006 and held our first exhibition at the beautiful Depot Artspace in Devonport. We received such fantastic and encouraging feedback that it fueled our vision and kept us creating. Since then we have held many more successful exhibitions.

We also hold life drawing workshops open to other artists. We take turns to model, draw and entertain the baby. This gives us space for our own creativity while raising money for future exhibitions.

Looking back at the fantastic fun we have had so far, the lovely friends we have made and the beautiful creations that have emerged from both mums and children it seems in a lovely small way we are achieving our dream.

We hope some of the joy we have felt is evident in the creations you see. Enjoy!

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Depot Artspace
June 2006
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Laylines CONNECT

Old Government House
Auckland University
November 2007


Depot Artspace
May 2008

Depot Artspace
May 2009

Depot Artspace
May 2010


Many of these artworks are for sale -
please contact us for more information.
Commissions are always welcome!