Fire Mountain Woman - Saffron Paddy

Review of Laylines from LOUD Magazine, June 2006

For me, viewing the Laylines exhibition provided one of this year’s most enjoyable Depot moments.

To stand in a gallery and just want to smile because one is seeing work which has been created purely for the love of it isĀ  surprisingly rare. These paintings and sculptures simply celebrated art, without serving ambition, or ego, or any tugging of the forelock to current vogue.

The celebration of the female form was merged with a scenic view, sometimes lending a sinuous line of landscape a remarkable sensuality. In some works, colour and design evoked a retro feel…an entirely new vision, yet somehow reminiscent of a gentle feminist philosophy from the past. There was joy here, and freedom. One figure, in particular, seemed ready to leap from the canvas and dance.

Salutations to WoM.A.N., the group of mothers who brought this work to us. They have lent the masculine noun a beguiling and proactive prefix.

Looking forward to seeing more…very exciting!

Thank you.

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